On these pages I put up some of the results connected to my everyday scientific work. You may also wish to check out my professional website.

I am studying numerical methods for hydrodynamics and have also been involved in projects on numerical methods in relativity in the context of astrophysical applications. In case you are interested in some particular details, drop me an email or pass by my office.


  • Wasilij Barsukow:
    Stationarity preserving schemes for multi-dimensional linear systems, 2017

  • Wasilij Barsukow:
    Stationarity and vorticity preservation for the linearized Euler equations in multiple spatial dimensions,
    Finite Volumes for Complex Applications VIII - Methods and Theoretical Aspects, C. Cancès and P. Omnes (eds.), Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 199, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-57397-7_38

  • Wasilij Barsukow, Christian Klingenberg:
    Exact solution and a truly multidimensional Godunov scheme for the acoustic equations, 2016

  • Wasilij Barsukow, Philipp V. F. Edelmann, Christian Klingenberg, Friedrich K. Roepke:
    A low-Mach Roe-type solver for the Euler equations allowing for gravity source terms,
    Proc. of the conference on "low velocity flows", Paris, 2016, accepted

  • Wasilij Barsukow, Philipp V. F. Edelmann, Christian Klingenberg, Fabian Miczek, Friedrich K. Roepke:
    A numerical scheme for the compressible low-Mach number regime of ideal fluid dynamics, 2016,
    J.Sci.Comp., accepted (pdf, doi:10.1007/s10915-017-0372-4)

  • Marcelo M. Miller Bertolami, Maxime Viallet, Vincent Prat, Wasilij Barsukow, Achim Weiss:
    On the relevance of bubbles and potential flows for stellar convection
    MNRAS (2016) 457 (4): 4441-4453, (pdf, doi)

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