Here I show some of wooden furniture that I have designed and built.

Laptop support

Using a laptop for your daily work forces you into assuming an unhealthy posture, with the head looking down. An alternative to using an external screen is to put the laptop with its screen higher and to use an external keyboard and mouse. I have built this support from some scrap wood I had lying around. The joints are made with hinges and the arrow shows the location where the parts come together (for more security I have added a screw there). The 90-degree support is glued into grooves that I made (you can see that initially, the groves were higher, but this way the laptop ended up too high and I had to rework it).

laptop support laptop support

plan of the laptop support

Hinges are marked in red, and also lengths related to their locations. The lengths in blue are the relevant lengths for cutting the pieces. Lengths in green are about the positioning of the angled support batten and the notch in the back. The violet length shows the final height of the laptop.
And here it is being used:

laptop support laptop support

The support turns out to be of superb stability. In the design process, I tried to estimate the centers of mass of the keyboard-section of the laptop and that of the screen (which is much lighter, of course) and to place their projections symmetrically between the feet of the support.


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